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Is your little girl always day dreaming about different lands, ones that no one but her has thought of? Do you ever wonder what adventures shes living in her head? We know a little girl from Kansas who was the same way. When she and her little dog were taken from Kansas by a mighty twister they found themselves in a place that definitely wasnt Kansas anymore. It didnt take her much time to get friends and lead a coup detat to overturn the rule of an evil witch. Now, that’s what we call girl power.This blouse and pinafore will make your child feel just like shes on a yellow brick road adventure to overthrow that western tyrant. That land over the rainbow will be that much closer to her imagination as she skips around in her classic ensemble. Make sure she brings along her little dog in his basket. And she has to wear her ruby slippers to make sure shes protected from the evil witch.Whether shes starring in the school play or dressing up for Halloween, this adorable girl from Kansas is instantly recognizable. Your daughter is going to have a lot of fun skipping around in her pinafore and ruby slippers. She might even make some unforgettable friends along the way. Just make sure she pays attention during tornado drills. If you get picked up by a tornado you never know where those twisters are going to drop you off. If she does get dropped off by a storm somewhere strange remind her to just click those heels together, and shell be home in no time at all.
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