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What is a farm girl who gets swept off her feet and ends up in a mysterious land far from her home supposed to do? Well, first of all, shes going to need some comfortable shoes to walk back home in. Hopefully, you dont find yourself in this type of situation anytime soon, but its still fun to pretend by wearing our exclusive Plus Size Kansas Girl Costume!Before you ask, the answer is no, you dont have to be from Kansas to enjoy skipping down the road in this cute gingham patterned dress. You dont even have to be from a farm! All you need is a little imagination, and any trip you take can feel like a fantastical adventure home. It might help to bring some silly traveling companions for your journey in case you run into any monsters or sinister characters along the way (or you have a habit of bursting into song when you travel, and need some decent backing vocals), but sometimes you have to make do with what you have. And if you get discouraged on your quest, just remember that the courage to find your way home has been within you, all along.Of course, if youre just wearing this classic style to a Halloween party, and you werent whisked away to a mysterious world, you can use your phones GPS to find your way home, or just call a cab! Be sure to add a basket and some sparkly shoes to complete this fun vintage look!
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