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Carrying a weapon seems almost beside the point when you have the power to shoot blasts of ice from your hands, but the world of Mortal Kombat is a mighty dangerous one. Sometimes even the most magical of warriors needs to carry a little bit of insurance. Thats why the Lin Kuei, the order of Chinese ninjas who employs Sub-Zero, issue these swords to all of their warriors. Even when he has the power of ice on his side, sometimes a ninja just wants to feel the personal touch of a good old-fashioned blade.Based on the legendary Mortal Kombat character, this is an officially licensed toy replica of the weapon that slices, dices and creates some really ugly Fatalities. Crafted with rigid plastic and featuring a realistic pattern of blood spatter, this sword looks like it’s been through more than a few battles, and it’s always come out on top. Obviously this edition is only for show, but we’re betting you can’t shoot ice out of your hands either, so this should be about as close to a real-life Mortal Kombat experience as you’re going to get.
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