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Look, were not gonna lie, right now wed rather be mudding. You probably feel the same way, dont you. But you cant, because you need to find a "proper" bouquet for your wedding. Who cares about proper anyway? Thats so boring. A real girl doesnt need to act proper if she knows how to get her hands dirty. Real girls know their way around the backwoods, so if youre more about spending the weekend out in the sticks than shopping at the mall, your wedding is definitely not going to be like all the others! And youre proud of that, because nobody likes ordinary. You get the chance to be unique and show off who you really are.What better way to do that than with this Mossy Oak bouquet? It will coordinate with your backwoods style and with the nature you so love to enjoy as often as possible. Finally, a wedding proposal where the answer is simple and straightforward: I do!
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