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Who on earth was in charge of naming the petticoat? And whoever it was, what on earth were they thinking? Seriously, you know where petticoat came from? It just means "small coat". How does that work? "Okay guys, weve named the pencil, so now lets talk about this underskirt thing all the ladies are wearing. Its not a skirt, but it is something you wear around your waist. Any ideas?" Why not call it an underskirt, like underpants? Obviously that maybe gets confusing because underwear is still a thing, but our point is that petticoat is a very bad name for describing what this is. You hear it and you think "oh yeah, a petticoat, its that fashionable overcoat popular in the 1700s!" Wrong! Wrong in just about every way.Our point is, this "thing" which we call a "petticoat" is a great accessory for any dress, giving you that extra oomph and volume to really show it off!
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