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Being a vampire is about more than just sneaking around at night and sucking blood out of unsuspecting victims. Of course, thats still a huge part of vampire life, but there is way more to it than that. For these undead bloodsuckers, its all about appearances, and if you want to make it to the vampyric big leagues, this sultry Womens Mystifying Vamp Costume will get you there long before the sun comes up!The first thing you should know about looking like a seductive vamp is that they definitely dont dress like sexy humans. They prefer darker, more gothic and macabre styles over things like sundresses and bright, colorful ensembles. Its mostly because vampires are creatures of the night, and the darker colors go much better with their pale, moon-kissed complexion. If one ever were to wear a tasteful sundress, it would only highlight however many centuries its been since they have actually seen the sun! The black and red colored outfits also come in handy in case they ever... spill their dinner.You should also know that vampires dress to have fun, since what else is one supposed to do with immortality other than party? This sassy floor length velour dress features lacy details and bold black and red colors let your dark side really shine, and the long flowing sleeves flutter supernaturally as you get your vampire groove on. Slip on the included lacy choker and add some costume fangs to complete this hauntingly regal style, and youll be ready to party until moon-down!
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