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We know what youre thinking: "Whos Princess Aurora? I just clicked on this costume because I love this pink dress." Makes sense. Aurora doesnt get the flashy attention like Snow White, or Aladdin, or all those other famous Disney characters. And she has to spend a bunch of her life asleep as it is! Thats right, Princess Aurora goes by another name you might know: Sleeping Beauty. Shes supposed to be protected by her three fairy godmothers, Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather, but with names like those its no surprise that Aurora gets tricked anyway (No offense to fairy godmothers. Youre great most of the time!). Maleficent puts a spell on her (Well, curse might be a better word for it) and she sleeps. Kind of nice, really. Feel like a nap and off you go for a deep sleep for as long as you like. When youre finally awoken by your handsome prince... well, youve been woken up by making out with a handsome prince. All in all not the worst deal in the world. When you finally show back up to work, theyre going to be mad that youve missed so many days you were scheduled to come in, but then you can just tell them how you were cursed and put into a deep sleep and then point out that your manager apparently didnt even try to rescue you. Thats going to look bad. Theyre going to forget about all that missed work and give you your job back. So now youve got your job, your man, and your gorgeous dress. Life is pretty good when youre Aurora! Except no one remembering your name is Aurora, not Sleeping Beauty. But, no big deal all things considered.
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