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Are you the kind of girl who would rather head out into the forest to find a new spot for your deer stand instead of going to the mall? Were you ecstatic when your fiancé suggested a hunting trip up in an Alaskan cabin for your honeymoon instead of seeing the Eiffel tower, or Italy? Maybe it’s time to add a little bit of that flair to the wedding theme as well! If youre looking to infuse your personality into your wedding, our Mossy Oak accessory line is the perfect way to show off that youre a couple with some serious outdoor prowess. This bridal veil will accent any wedding gown with just a touch of camouflage to coordinate with all of his Mossy Oak accessories. Whether hes got our full Break Up patterned tuxedo, or just a camouflage bowtie and vest, this veil will be the perfect way to match and complement your theme! Its got just enough personality to show your love, but also subtle enough to please the more conservative guests!
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