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Olé! Lets get ready to rumba! Youve got the need to kick up those heels and show off your dance moves up and down the Spanish Steps. Will you fandango your way through the night? Or maybe tonight youre in the mood to rumba with the señor in the room who has the best dance moves to match your own. Just take care not to injure anyone as you twirl and kick around the room!Or maybe you dont care for simple dances. With this costume we get it, the red dress with black trim is for advanced dancing. Its got a mid-century feel with black polka dots on a red background. Youll love the black and red ruffles on the sleeves and the asymmetrical hem that compliments your stomping and twirling perfectly. This dress is ready for a challenge. Ready for the flamenco, the Spanish gypsy dance internationally famous. Precision, control, the ability to pull peoples attention like a moth to a flame. That is flamenco, and that is the fire which burns in you. When someone asks if you want to dance you say no. You dont want to dance. You need to dance. Like a person needs to breathe, your feet need to tap across a dance floor. The Spanish passion flows in you and out through your feet. Help the people to understand what it means to dance with your whole soul!
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