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What do all pirates have in common? That is, besides a surly disposition, a love of the sea, and an unquenchable hunger for booty (we mean treasure, obviously)? If you said “They always pay off their gambling debts on time, and happily share their grog with their fellow pirates,” we honestly dont know if thats true or not, but were leaning toward not. The answer we were looking for is, “Theyre all fans of awesome pirate boots!” And not just regular old awesome pirate boots; but dashing, roguish boots with buckles all over them, just like these Sexy Buckle Pirate Boots! These fierce faux leather boots are the perfect footwear for pillaging and plundering your way across the high seas in style. The provocative heels and alluring cuffed tops are also a sassy look for strutting and shaking your booty around a costume dance party with your swashbuckling crew! Well leave it up to you to decide if we were still talking about “treasure” that time.
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