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Rise to the TopIf you think youve got what it takes to wear this Macho Man Randy Savage Costume, then youd better be the cream of the crop, because every wrestler in the WWE is going to want a piece of you. OH, YEEEEAAH! You need to be a real champ to wear this thing. Your elbow better itching to use a diving elbow drop on Hulk Hogan. Your hands better be ready to use a diving double axe handle on Ric Flair. And your throat? Your throat better be ready to deliver that gravely Macho Man voice that youve been working on. OH YEEEEAH!Product DetailsWhen youre rising to the top, you need an outfit thats going to announce your arrival as soon as you enter the room. This bright, show-stopping costume includes a sleeveless shirt that is fifty percent faux leather and fifty percent leopard print. Youll also get the zippered red jacket with luxuriously long fringe that no one but a legend would dare to wear. Paired with the included pants, your presence at any costume party will be one that no one will ever forget. Top it all of with Randys leopard print trimmed cowboy hat and the hand wraps. If you want to go overboard (of course you do) finish the look with a large pair of ski goggles or wraparound sunglasses to hide the power that lies within your eyes. Oooooh Yeeeeah!Show up in this costume and youre sure to go home from any costume party with the grand prize, even if they werent giving one out. The host will go out and get one for you, thats how good this is. Pair up with a perm haired Elizabeth and the tanned and toned Hulk Hogan so that people can relive the wrestling dramas of the past. So, warm up your voice. You might not be expected to slide into the ring but you oughtta be able to let the mighty "Ooooh Yeah" loose!
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