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You can probably guess, pretty easily, what our favorite holiday is over here, but we know that there are some people out there who just cant wait to hear sleigh bells ringing and see snow flakes falling, ever so delicately, from the sky. Maybe you are one of those people. Do you often have desires to decorate trees and leave angel imprints on the ground? If so, then you are definitely one of those people, and we have the prefect costume for you to walk around in this Halloween season, that will show the world what holiday truly is your favorite. There are tons of traditions during the Christmas season, one of the funnest being transforming your home into a winter wonderland, both inside and out. One of the simplest decorations to set up, yet still a cornerstone for any home celebrating the holiday, is the classic Christmas wreath hanging on the front door. Well, we went ahead and turned this standard Christmas custom into an easy to wear costume! No zippers to keep zipped or masks to struggle seeing through, nope, just slip into this knitted sweater and, boom, youre a door! We didnt settle for a wreath graphic imprinted into the sweater, you will be equipped with a faux fully decorated wreath that is removable! Using the state of the art technology we have here, we embedded Hook and Loop fastener on the back of the wreath and the front of the sweater! We know, we impress ourselves sometimes. In making the wreath detachable, were basically giving you two costumes in one. You could, either, show off your love for Christmas and attach the wreath to the sweater or, if you want, you could even just be a door, the choice is yours! So, if you really cant wait till Christmas, grab this costume and make sure to hang on to that wreath!
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