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Need to take out a bit of revenge on someone? You could try egging their house, but that would be a waste of perfectly delicious eggs. How about placing a curse on them? That doesnt seem direct enough, but you may be on the right track by going with magic.Voodoo would be a good way to go since youll instantly get to see the effects of your vengeful magic on your target. Voodoo is also a lot more user-friendly than regular, everyday magic. Someone else with experience practicing the dark arts can set up the voodoo doll for you and all you have to do is follow the instructions. Its the perfect paranormal revenge system for the fast-paced modern world! Or, you can skip through all the trouble of finding someone to make a voodoo doll and get right to working your own mystical mojo with this Womens Plus Size Voodoo Doll Costume. The enchanted designs and stitching on this sexy, yet scary dress add to its darkly magical style, and would be perfectly complemented by your favorite tights or fishnet stockings to make the look your own. It even comes with a smaller matching voodoo doll attached to a black wristband, which you can either use as an accessory or as backup in case you run into someone in need of a little extra magical retaliation while youre out. If the subject of your revenge happens to be an ex-boyfriend, they are going to regret whatever they did when you show up to the party in this costume!
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