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The Wild West days may be long gone, but the longing for the freedom and excitement it once offered is still going strong. Your kid can get a taste of life on the open range while dressed up in our rootin-tootin Cowboy Costume! What is it about the Old West that still gets kids excited? Is it the idea of eating beans cooked over a campfire, and then sleeping on the ground (with all the cuddly snakes and bugs) under the stars? Maybe they like the idea of riding around on a horse, chasing bandits out of town and wrangling up cattle. If you ask us, its the intimidating and super-cool sound they make when theyre rambling around in clanky spurs while their big coat flaps in the wind! Of course, they still have to deal with bugs and dust getting everywhere, but a real rough rider can probably handle a little grime. A cowboy has to be tough for that kind of life, and their clothes do, too. Since cowboys usually wear outfits made of leather to stand up to the rigors of life on the range, we designed the cloth chaps and jacket to have a rugged, leathery look. This costume also comes with a good, sturdy hat, but we know some cowboys like to pick out their own hat, so they can keep this one as a trusty backup if theyve already found the perfect one. All your little cowpoke will need is a sturdy pair of boots, and theyll be ready to hit the trail to experience a bit of the Wild West for themselves!
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