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Once upon a time there was a crazy cowboy. "What made him crazy?" you ask. Well, legend has it he was searching for gold and came across a mystery. This desperado wasnt always crazy, he was a genius most of the time. An excellent cartographer who mapped his way all the way out west. He followed the gold rush, and was extremely successful at finding the largest nuggets. That cowboy decided to go where no one else had ever been. He wandered off to a beautiful trickling creek, gold flecks sparked in the air as he hiked through the land. In the distance, he saw something beautiful. Some claim he saw a horse, but he says it was a unicorn. From that day on people thought he was a little goofy. In all honesty he was truly magical. Well, your little one might not aspire to be that kind of cowboy, but they can be their favorite character in the Toddler Wild West Cowboy Costume. This awesome costume come with 100 polyester twill and faux suede fabrics. Not only does this costume include a twill jacket and chaps, they also have fringe along the length of each seam for added style. For added polish the costume includes a metal belt buckle, red paisley bandanna, and a molded felt hat. Ride off into the sunset little cowboy!
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