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There is a certain sort of magic that comes about America’s favorite pastime that captivates us all. Even if we’re not especially into sportsball, we can identify with a team or a mascot. Whether we’re into the American League of Professional Baseball, the League of Their Own, or just aim to defeat our friends in a delightful bout of Fantasy Baseball, we can relate to the joy that comes from a good romp of physical competition.But, whether it is America’s pastime or not, it is rather seasonal. April to September might bring us a wealth of games, plus a handful of post-seasonal fun in October. But, what are we to do the rest of the time?Well, you can certainly keep the festivities of the Baseball season alive while also kicking back to enjoy the downtime with this casual and Sexy Grand Slam costume. Batter up, because this ensemble includes the perfect balance of sporty baseball couture, at-home comfort, and party time fun. The light blue pin-stripe shirt-dress features navy blue sleeves and front snaps as well as the “Grand Slam” text appliquéd in shimmering sequins along the chest and the team number “10” printed on the back and the left hip in matching red. Hanging low enough to function as a short dress, the sporty wear may make you look ready to lounge in a menswear jersey, but the navy blue polyester shorts and knee-high navy athletic socks prove that you’re the base-runner on this team! The look finishes up with a bright red baseball cap, but you will be all prepared to take it to home base with a bat, ball, and glove accessories set.
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