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When you think about it, theres not much that distinguishes Santa Claus from just another Jolly Home Burglar. Theyve both got a red suit, a cherry nose, and a knack for finding their way past locked doors or down skinny chimneys. Theres a similarly fine line between a Classic Mrs. Claus Costume and an Overly-Festive Granny Outfit. Just remember that less is sometimes more.Its like this: if you show up unnanounced at your local shopping mall to perform some of the polka music youve been writing in your spare time, people are going to associate you with polka music. Its that easy! But if you want to be a true polka legend, youll want to be a little more discreet. Youll want to preserve some of the mystique of your ancient craft, no matter how proud of it you may be! Make yourself scarce: retreat to the Swiss Alps. Better yet, hole up at the North Pole! Now take that same advice and apply it to celebrating Christmas.Youre halfway to being Mrs. Claus already! But if you want to seal the deal, youll want a red dress (with a little stretch for extra Christmas cookies) and a festive white apron edged in lace. Youll want to festoon yourself with symbols of the season, like holly leaves and candy canes. But whereas an Overly-Festive Granny might resort to an unsafe battery-powered musical light display, keep things simple and understated. After all, Mrs. Claus doesnt need to prove to anybody that shes got plenty of holiday cheer!
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