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SilenceWe all try to find a way to get our kids to be quiet. Just for a minute. Heck, just for a few consecutive seconds. We try playing the quiet game. That doesn’t work. We try bribing them with fruit, hopefully, their mouths are too full for them to talk. No, they just talk around the food. Kids LOVE to make a whole of noise...Its not that we dont love what they have to say. But sometimes it can be inappropriate when they are talking. The best place to sing their favorite song isnt in the middle of the movie theater. It doesnt help that all the characters on TV are loud, and love to be loud all the time, and probably talk a lot, too. Thats why youve got to introduce role models that have the best values and attributes. That, of course, would be Mimes.Design and DetailsHave you heard that stripes are always in style? We tend to agree. And these stripes come with silence! Theyll love staying in character about as much as you will love them staying in character while they wear this authentic looking Mime costume. Its got a striped shirt with lots of stretch, black pants with real pockets, and a cute little red bandana to tie around the neck. Of course, its topped off with a signature black beret!Mime TimeWe might have the perfect thing to keep your kid quiet, at least for a little bit! This Child Mime Costume will let them act out their thoughts, instead of blurting them out of their mouth. Hopefully, this will keep your little one from spewing out what at home would be hilarious, but in public is completely embarrassing. And when you put them in time out you can watch as they try to get out of the box that they are "stuck" in. Putting their hands up against an imaginary prison. Its true what they say "Silence isnt golden." No, its black and white, and mime all over.
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