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Ghosts are a real problem right around this time of year. The veil between our world and the realm of the spirits is weakened and many of them drift on through to cause no end of trouble. There are plenty of ghosthunters out there and some of them have even achieved a great degree of success in banishing the creatures or at least preventing them from interfering with the nightly activities of the living. A good line of salt… a warding talisman written in spiritual ink cleansed by salt… or, for a particularly dashing couple of brothers, salt pellets! Notice the pattern? Salt equals no ghosts! Hallelujah!Problem is that there are even better ways to deal with the corporeally-challenged. Salt is an effective way to harm them and banish them to a pretty rotten place (where wont get into where exactly), but sugar is a sure-fire tactic to help calm the ghostly moaners and give them a reason to cheer. Who knew!? Surely, not us!So, this year, when your Kid Ghost is climbing up the walls and threatening to bring down all manner of tricks, you can treat them to a treat instead. And, the neighbors will be happy to offer up their goods, too, when they see your little one cloaked up in a spooky black-stitched robe and frightening full-face mask. The included chain demonstrates just how committed these spirits are to their delicious chocolate treats! Live like only the lost can this year! And, if they keep moaning, well… you can always threaten ‘em salt!
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