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Are you ready to rock and roll all night, and party every day!? Not in those rags, youre not, but once you suit up in our exclusive Authentic Spaceman Costume, youll be ready to put on a mind blowing show thats out of this world!Everyone whos ever heard KISS has got their favorite band member. The Demon, The Starchild, The Catman. Sure, theyre alright, but who cares about them? Youre here because you crave the raw, wicked licks from The Spacemans electric guitar! The whole band has a part to play and a time to shine, from dealing out the earth-shattering vocals and thundering drum beats. But when The Spaceman starts dishing out a guitar solo, all eyes are on him! It might also have to do with the smoke and pyrotechnics bellowing out of his axe while hes shredding away, but thats just a day in the life of an epic god of rock. He knows if a concert ends with all of the amps laying in smoldering piles around the stage, hes done his job!The only thing better than watching The Spaceman tear it up on stage is to dress up in our wild costume and causing some mayhem of your own! This shiny jumpsuit is officially licensed realistic KISS attire, and features stitched on lightning bolt and sequin embellishments, and detachable silver foam shoulder rings, for a hard rockin look! Grab our matching wig and put on some Spaceman style face paint, and get ready to party like a legend, all night long!
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