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You are what you eat.Recently we were told we eat too much pizza. Our response was, "Whats too much?" The response we got back was, "Every meal. Pizza for every meal is too much. You are going to turn into a pizza soon." And yeah, we get that that is a lot of pizza. But we might not mind turning into a pizza.Before you are all "pffft, pizza face over here," hear us out. What is more exciting showing up to a party, your Star Wars loving friend Larry, or the pizza? Because we would dump Larry so fast if it meant we got more pizza. And just imagine if you were the pizza? It would be awesome. Hungry? Just take a pepperoni off, and voila! Food. And everyone you know would be so stoked to see you.So this Halloween be the one everybody wants to see in this Pizza Slice Costume. Your friends will be singing your praises. Besides, youll be able to eat as much pizza as you want. And it will be real easy to get that girls number. Just say, "Will that be pick up, or delivery? And your phone number is?" She will be so impressed with your personality, and toppings she will give be begging you to take her out on a date. So, just tell your friend who says you eat too much pizza, that it doesnt matter because you are pizza now. And we are what we eat after all.
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