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Theres something inherently playful about mimes, yet they have a real knack for making the most mundane actions into kinesthetic works of art. It helps that most mimes are a lot more athletic than they appear, and that they maintain a coy silence while performing. But it also helps that they always seem to wear a stylish black-and-white outfit like this! From the tip of the delightful beret to the toes of the whimsical mismatched stockings, this outfit will accentuate your figure as you work through your repertoire of gestures like a pro.Whether its the old stuck in a glass box routine or the classic pulling a rope tied to a very heavy object, your audience will feel like theyre seeing it for the first time. But this is a pretty impressive costume, so we assume youll want to take on an illusion thats a little more complex. How about watering your vegetable garden from a teeny-tiny watering can on a hot day? That ones usually good for a chuckle. Still too simple? Try wrestling a polar bear while eating a bowl full of carrots!We cant endorse anything more complicated than that, because weve heard stories about mimes getting physically trapped within worlds of their own creation. Which reminds us: please mime responsibly! Carry your totem at all times, and make sure you have a few backup reality checks ready in case walking into a strong wind starts to feel more like getting sucked into a tornado. Weve lost way too many well-dressed mimes already!
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