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Have you ever looked at your own hand? Its a really complex appendage with 27 bones and muscles and all sorts of anatomical stuff that well never even begin to understand. Sometimes, we just wish we could have Lego hands. Remember? Those little horseshoe shaped hands that could grab on to all sorts of Lego tools, like pirate swords, knight swords and well, mostly our Lego figures were holding swords, but we hear that you could put other stuff in their hands. We thought that dream might never be a reality...until now.These Ninjago Lego Hands comes straight from the Masters of Spinjitzu series (which is totally about ninjas), so they give you that perfect Lego hand style that allows you to pick up giant Lego accessories with ease. Pair it with one of our licensed Ninjago costumes and youll be ready to study under Sensei Wu to unlock your true potential.
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