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So your kiddo wants to grow up, does he? Thats fine, well help him along.You go ahead and fill him in on all the delights of aging. The creaking joints, the aches and pains, the dimming vision and muted hearing. He still wants to be an old man? Did you tell him about dentures? And glasses and canes? How hell be popping pills like candy every single day?Well if that doesnt scare him off, we suppose hes pretty serious about turning into a little old man. Well at least hes made his mind up, even if he IS sounding a bit stubborn... hey! Stubborn? Maybe hes more prepared for his role of old geezer than we thought! See how he deals with young whipper-snappers. Is he annoyed? Well, in that case.Here we have our Kids Grandpa Costume. Its a full jumpsuit, complete with hideous blue plaid and clashing printed yellow shirt and brown vest. The outfit also comes with a synthetic silver wig for the bald comb-over effect. Put your kid in this and hell suddenly have an urge to tell people to get off the lawn. He might get cravings for butterscotch candy. And dont be surprised if he wants to stay in and play gin rummy all day instead of leaving the house. Dont worry, well keep him company. Well just throw on a pot of coffee and settle in for The Price is Right.
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