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"Ay fool! You ready for another beatin? You should have never came back!" - Clubber LangLook at that mug! All it takes is just one look to know that Clubber Lang is one tough, mean son of a gun. Look at that snarl. Look at those piercing eyes! Look at that warrior mohawk! Were glad that were not Rocky Balboa, since wed probably have passed on the rematch with him. (One thrashing is more than enough, thank you). Of course, we sort of began wondering what it would be like if our face looked like Langs, which led us to this awesome costume accessory...This Adult Clubber Lang Mask fully recreates the Rocky III characters face. From his blood speckled mouth guard to his gratuitous grimace, the molded features in this mask really go the distance to make you look like the fierce fighter who bested the Italian Stallion, before ultimately succumbing to his own hubris during his rematch against him. Pair it with the licensed robe and youll be ready for the boxing match of a lifetime.
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