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Oh, give me a home where the buffalo roam, where the deer and the antelope play!So weve been hearing around town that you are looking to leave your city life for a more simple life, residing in the beautiful countryside. We dont blame ya but do ya reckon that the country life is the right life for you? Youre going to need to become a full-blown cattle-wrangling cowgirl if youre planning on packing up and relocating in the west because only true cowgirls can survive the rugged lifestyle. The closest mall is 20 miles away, so spontaneous shopping trips will no longer be one of your favorite activities. Instead, a majority of your activities will include rounding up the cattle, tending to the stables, and practicing your bulls eye shot with a rifle. If you think that life on the range is the new sort of life that youve been dreaming of, then why not suit yourself up in this good old-fashioned cowgirl costume.We have a feeling that as as soon as youre wearing our exclusive plus size rodeo cowgirl costume youll want to let out a very loud, "yee-haw!" Youll love your westernized makeover because youll be the epitome of a rootin tootin, gun-slinging, sharpshooter once you have this outfit on. The costume comes with the button-up shirt, fringe-trimmed skirt, belt, scarf, and a white cowboy-style hat. Just grab your cowgirl boots and youll be ready to dosey doe. We have a feeling that youll take a liking to the cowgirl lifestyle and youll never want to step foot in a big city again!
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