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Being a devout man takes time, patience and plenty of studying. You have to read the bible inside and out tons of times to become a man of the cloth! All that studying sounds like hard work, but weve always liked the idea of wearing the cloth. As pure costume experts, we have to respect that design. Pure white robes with satin embellishments? Well, we decided to make our own version and what turned out is pretty cool.This adult Priest Robe costume comes with a look that is fit for the altar. The white robe has a simple design that will fit anyone trying to look like a holy man. Its long design means that it will fit a variety of body types with ease, while the gathered cuffs bring a fancy style to the sleeves. You can wear your own dress shirt and tie underneath, since the v-neck will prominently let you display the collar and neck tie. The stole adds the finishing touch to the look, which has a deep, red satin design and fits easily around the neck. Large crosses are crafted right into the front of each side. All of this combines for a look that you might see at any church gathering.With this handy outfit, you wont have to go through tons of schooling and biblical studies to get the classic garb of a priest. Make sure to add our cross accessory to your order to get the full look.
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