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One Jump AheadAs Aladdin says, "Youve got to stay one jump ahead of the bread line! One swing ahead of the sword. You got to stay one jump ahead of the slowpokes. One skip ahead of your doom. (Next time youd better use a nom de plume.)"Thats what Aladdin has taught us. He might be a “street rat” and a “one man rise in crime,” but the guy has a monkey for a best friend, a genie pal who can use his magic to help him out of any sticky situation, and his girlfriend is the princess of Agrabah, so we think hes doing pretty good when it comes to living his best life.Oh, and did we mention that his ride is a carpet that can fly through the air using magic and he can literally show anyone the world? Yeah, hes REALLY got a handle on how to live well! Now, you can take a note from his book (or song) with this licensed Disney costume!Product DetailsBased on the classic 1992 animated film, this Aladdin Costume gives you the look of a down-on-his-luck Aladdin. The pants have that baggy look from the movie (something we might call "Hammer style" pants) and even come with the patch on the bottom. The look is perfect for traversing strange, treasure-filled caves, or easy living in the streets outside the palace. Just make sure you think of some good wishes before you go rubbing any lamps!Off to Agrabah!Of course, if you want to have a monkey for a best friend and Princess Jasmine as your girlfriend, you might have to travel all the way to Agrabah, but with this costume at least youll have the look all ready for when you finally purchase those plane tickets (or hop on that magic carpet)!
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