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Are you looking for a classic? Well, we have plenty of classics in our catalog. There are witches, pumpkins, and vampires galore. Heres something to chew on, how about making your kiddos costume a classic treat? Oh yeah, theres nothing as classic as a perfect ooey-gooey chocolate chip cookie!  We all have those priceless chocolate chip cookie memories that make us decide how we like our treats. It all depends on how Grandma made them. Some people love their cookies lumpy and full of dark chocolate chips. Some people like them thin with a crisped-up edge created by all the excess butter escaping and basically frying the dough. . .  Huh? What? Where are we? We just slipped into a daydream full of butter and chocolate. Sorry, back to the point. This costume represents the classic chocolate chip cookie that you might find wearing a blue ribbon at the state fair. Its the easiest and most delicious costume your little one will ever wear. The tunic simply slips over your kiddos head with a yummy cookie on both sides. You can even dress up like a glass of milk! Oh, you guys are simply classic! 
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