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Every year your family comes to your house in droves. It starts in October, and doesn’t end until after the New Year. You dont mind. You love your family, no matter how crazy they can be. The amount of cooking that goes into feeding that many people though, geez louise, so much cooking. But, its fun watching the younger kids helping out, mashing potatoes, cutting the sugar cookies, eating the decorating sprinkles when they think you arent looking.But, the cooking isnt the only time consuming part. The amount of decorations that go up can take a few hours. You haul out boxes and boxes. Some contain pretty leaf wreaths. Others have holiday dishes. But, for some reason the one with the plastic pumpkins is gone. This 36-Piece Small Orange Pumpkins Set is the easy replacement for that missing box. They can be strewn around the food table. Adding a little color to the beautiful food you slaved over, and the misshapen sugar cookies the little kids made. And, they are small enough to store with other decorations for next year.
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