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Autumn is a great time to start bringing out your accessories. So many people look forward to the day when they can wear their boots and cable knit sweater to the apple orchard. What could be more picturesque? So, go ahead and tug that cute fall cap on your head but whatever you do, dont forget to accesorize your house! In the gloomy oncoming months its only fair to make sure your good old house looks as cheerful and accessorized as you do.Heres the thing, over the years you may have run dry on cute seasonal decorating ideas. Of course you wouldnt stray from the classic Jack-O-Lantern but its tricky to move beyond pumpkins without straying into Spooks Ville. This witch is sure to get plenty of giggles from trick-or-treaters, we dont know if shes peeping in the window to see whats brewing in there or maybe she simply lost control of her broomstick. Either way, your house will thank you for the new autumn accessory.
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