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With Abstergo working hard to keep its amazing technology a secret from the rest of the world, it continues to push forward with its very likely wicked and domineering plans. For the most part, we here in the office don’t get too involved in the power-grabbing wheeling and dealing of mysterious world-wide secret organizations. (We generally just look forward to casual Fridays, actually.) And, while we haven’t officially teamed up with the Assassins, we have a solid interest in continuing to get the most accurate of views from period costuming. So, we’ve put together our own sort of Animus to help dive into the genetic memories of the past. And, along the way, we can probably help to dismantle the efforts of a group dedicated to controlling the entire future!Perhaps you weren’t expecting to dive into the most accurate Revolutionary War reenactment, ever, but we’ve got a pretty good surprise for you. You won’t be on team red or blue coat for this one. You’ll be joining up with team white and step into the role of Connor Kenway, a man who had one foot in every field. Born of settler and native, of Templar and raised Assassin, Ratonhnhaké:ton took the easier to pronounce name of Connor and made all sorts of unexpected twists for the Revolutionaries!And now you can, too, with this Assassin’s Creed: Connor Classic Adult costume. You’ll look just like the Master Assassin of the Colonial Brotherhood of Assassins. Now, if you want to honor that title and Connors memory and avoid desynchronizing, youll have to make sure you properly portray him, so feel free to let loose with your amazing fighting abilities when the time calls for it but remember his humble qualities, likely due to his pretty tragic past. You probably didnt lose your mother in a village fire started by George Washington, so we’re sure it’ll be fine if you crack a few jokes, but when it comes to battle you have to be as professional as they come. No worries, though, you’ll certainly look the part, especially when you pull up your Assassin’s hood and acquire some extra tomahawk accessories to complete the look.
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