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Getting up when the alarm goes off in the morning is the pits. The only activity that brings us any feeling of salvation is sitting down at the table and diving into our bowl of Rice Krispies. Theres nothing like piling on the yummy Kelloggs cereal then dousing it in fresh 2% milk; its the only things that gets our gears moving first thing in the morning. However, weve learned a little trick to elevate this riveting morning ritual....When we get out of bed each morning, weve changed things up, slightly. Instead of first reaching for the box of Rice Krispies cereal, we reach for our Rice Krispies Snap costume. We get dressed in the costume and suddenly our morning gloominess has evaporated! We feel like a sprightly elf that never experiences any feelings of doom and gloom. Instead, we envision ourselves whipping up a batch of cookies from inside a tree house and hanging out with our fellow pointy-eared brothers. Once were completely outfitted in the bright yellow long-sleeved shirt, red neck scarf, and puffy white chef hat, were refreshed and ready for the day ahead. And once weve devoured our bowl of Rice Krispies, well, were ready for pretty much anything.If you continue to ride the struggle bus every morning, then introduce this officially licensed mens Snap costume into your morning routine. Pretty soon, youll be twirling and dancing around in the kitchen while you brew your coffee and prepare your breakfast. Youll see that wearing this costume is really one of lifes simple pleasures!  
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