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Theres no doubt that there is a ton of yummy cereal out there. Filled with sugar and bursting with sweetness, theres nothing like waking up to a big bowl of your favorite cereal engulfed in ice cold milk. We dont know about you, but we love digging into a dish of Rice Krispies first thing in the morning.Rice Krispies are not only a scrumptious crisped-rice breakfast cereal; the cereal is also backed by gnomic elves who wear ascots and hats. Theyre a bunch of mischievous little dudes who represent the strange noises made by the delicious breakfast treat. (You know the weird noise were talking about!) Rice Krispies have the ability to snap, crackle,and pop, hence the onomatopoeia names the mascot elves are given!If youre a fan of the cereal and you want to get together with your bros and engage in silly shenanigans then you need this adult Rice Krispies Crackle costume. (Dont worry, we also sell the corresponding costumes for your friends!) Youll undergo a complete character transformation once youre wearing the long-sleeved shirt with yellow buttons, the white ascot, and the hat with attached ears and hair. Crackle is known to be the jokester middle child of the bunch so you can stand behind people and yell, "crackle!" at the top of your lungs to scare them. Theyll (probably) get a kick out of it. Or you can fill your pockets with the dry cereal and throw handfuls of it in the air wherever you go. Theres no way that would annoy anyone, right?
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