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It’s a tough decision, we know. Would you rather be a pirate, or a cold-blooded assassin? Pirates get to engage in all sorts of skullduggery, they have excellent swashbuckler skills and they get to sail across the sea in the ship doing whatever they please—they can even hunt whales (yes, we know you spent way more time than you’d like to admit going on those whale hunting missions in Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag). But assassins get unmatched skills in stealth and a mastery of blades that would make a ninja jealous. What if we told you that you didn’t have to choose between the two?Yes, with this Assassin’s Creed Edward Kenway costume, you get to merge two of the greatest professions the world has ever known! Edward’s skills in stealth and sword-fighting are second to none and he’s also one heck of a pirate too. That means wearing it allows you to step into both roles with gusto!The costume itself comes with a top designed to look like Edward’s uniform from the video game series. It has white and blue tunic as the main piece with faux suede trim. It has attached shoulder pauldrons to add an intimidating look to bring on intense missions. It also has a white hood, which helps you hide your face as you’re sneaking around on your next pirate escapade. Just make sure you don’t use your new costume to hunt whales. That might have been okay back in Mr. Kenway’s time, but it’s totally not cool to do anymore! (Leave those darn whales alone!)
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