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There are few things as moving as an oldies country song. Country singers belt out images of vanished lovers, endless prairie horizons, and picturesque times gone by. Those country singers are a last connection to the great American cowboy tradition. Those cowboys who slept rolled up in a wool blankets, all alone under the stars, drank thick coffee from enamel cups, grew amazing mustaches, and herded those doggies home from the grazing fields. When youre dressed up as the rhinestone cowgirl youll feel connected to those times gone by. Going full cowgirl has a different effect on different people. Some people notice once theyve cowgirled up they find that mechanical bull in the corner is looking much more irresistible. Some people are into square dancing like they never were before. You never know what dance moves are lying dormant in your mind, the Texas Star might just pop up once you don your cowgirl hat. Some ladies find themselves working on their lasso skills on the family dog, not something wed recommend. Still, others are drawn to some serious Karaoke sessions, crooning those sad songs about home to a bar full of weepy eyed onlookers. We cant tell you what kind of cowgirl youll be. But we know youre going to be fetching. Becoming the rhinestone cowgirl gives many people a sense of inflated ego. Youll have the easy ability to say "Howdy" to anyone you meet and might feel confident about skills you may or may not have. Just dont let it get to your head. When youre at the rodeo remember that you have never ridden a live bull. Remind yourself that you werent even able to catch spot with your lasso, you probably wont be catching that calf. Enjoy your new cowgirl persona. No one fences you in!
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