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"When you call my name, its like a little prayer" Whos that calling? Thats the eighties calling. They want to give you your right to party hearty back! We all channel the eighties at any chance we get. Eighties parties, a John Hughes film festival, Sundays at Grandmas house, any occasion will do. Heres the thing. The eighties can be part of your everyday life. You just need to make that decision for yourself. Lean in, as they say. And guess what? Its already happening. People are starting to wear Scrunchies, blue eyeliner has made a comeback, and who hasnt seen those slouchy raglan sweat shirts in the main stream market? For all of you hopeful dreamers with an endless love of all things eighties, theres hope! So, if youre ready to take your decade dedication to the next level, youll love these leggings. With a bright geometrical pattern thatll make anyone nostalgic for a time when Microsoft Paint just been invented and computer graphics were, like, the freshest thing ever. Pair it with any of our eighties wear and youll be ready to hang out at the mall, lookin totally tubular!
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