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Firepower. Its what wins a gunfight in the Wild West. All the gunslingers know it, and all the legit sharpshooters know to pack a six shooter on each hip. But you know a thing or two about firepower too, and its more than just what kind of gun you bring to the showdown. Sometimes its about knocking an outlaw senseless before a single bullet leaves the barrel. Sometimes its about disarming your opponent with words before you even draw. And sometimes its about knowing when to walk away, saddle up at the bar, and let the law clean up the mess.We want to equip you with all the tools youre going to need to succeed in the old west, and no matter what kind of attitude you bring to a showdown, were sure youre going to want a stylish look to play the part. This Wild West Cowgirl dress costume will have you ready to roam the streets of any frontier town. The faux suede dress is alluring on its own, but add a petticoat and fishnets for a sexy look thats sure to disarm any villain. Cowboy boots, a hat, and twin six shooters (sold separately) will complete the rough-and-tumble look, and will have you ready to rule all the denizens of your tumbleweed town. Get this detailed look for your costume party, historical reenactment, or even for a little bit of role-playing fun. Just dont forget to bring those pistols!
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