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The QuestIt didnt take long before Connor found out that seeking revenge for his mothers tragic end would be more complicated than he thought. Of course, leave it to Assasins Creed to give him a record-breaking complicated background. Still, at least he was prepared for anything before leaving his village. He had the right attitude, rigorous training, and an intensely important quest. So, if youve got the Connor ensemble with his white cloak and leather gauntlets make sure youre not going out with a random sword. Connor is most effective with his trusty tomahawk. Product DetailsThis tomahawk is gorgeous and detailed. The handle is printed to make it seem like its wrapped in leather as well as a beaded and feathered tassle. The head of the ax is hollow with a darkened interior and silver exterior. The back of the axhead is pointed so youve got two business ends on your weapon. This tomahawk is officially licensed and is lightweight so that you can carry it with ease throughout the night. The CallingWhile you probably arent headed out to fight a strong force, youll be ready to show the people at your next costume party your skills when youre fully fitted out in Connor Kenway gear. So stand up to the man for the sake of your people. Or simply party on. After all, until the Assasin Brotherhood comes calling, youre just a citizen with good taste in costumes! We think thats a calling worth answering. 
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