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Whos the newest dwarf on the coolest dwarf squad? Hes got a white beard, but hes not grumpy. Hes not sneezy or sleepy either! Hes just himself. And--newsflash--its your kid. Hes got a spot on the sweet elite dwarf team, and hes ready to prove his mettle to his new companions. All he needs to be a part of the team is this infant dwarf costume!How cool is it going to be when he becomes a lil dwarf miner? Hes going to have the best friends to be found, and if they mine some diamonds and rubies, it might even make the whole family rich too! All its going to take is this costume (maybe a minature pickaxe, too) and then hell be ready for all the pint sized fun. Heigh ho!Styled as a shirt and pants combo, this exclusive infant costume also comes with booties. And a hat. A hat with—wait for it—a beard! (You didnt actually think he was going to grow out that beard this young, did you?) Yes, luxurious white faux fur is attached to the cap to have him looking particularly bearded and eminently dwarfish.The flannel shirt, pants, and booties will complete the costume look, and with perfect blend of rust, brown, and yellow; hell have the signature color scheme of any real famous dwarf. Use this costume to complete your familys group theme, and if you have all the kids done up as delightful dwarfs, youll even be able to write your own fairy tale. Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, heigh-ho!
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