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Mamas Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be CowboysLife in the wild west can be dangerous but it certainly has its upsides. For instance, you really dont have to worry about traffic when youre heading out to the high plains to herd up those doggies. No, we dont mean puppies, we mean the buckaroo term for cows, if youre going to do that then youre going to need to learn the lingo. Oh, speaking of the plains, lets talk about that particular workplace. Lunch is beans and coffee while sitting on your "hoss" with a mountain view instead Ramen under fluorescent lights while your coworker tells you about what they watched on television this weekend. While were sure that western life wasnt easy, a cowboy lifestyle seems pretty good to us right now!Product DetailsThis ten piece set has everything a cowpoke in the Wild West needs. Your child will have the outfit essentials like a hat, vest, belt, and holster. Then theres the silver badge in a nice, hearty plastic, and plastic handcuffs. And lets not forget the guns, they call the west wild for a reason after all! The shotgun and revolver have bright toy barrels with four shotgun shells. This kit has everything your child needs to let loose a happy, "Yee Haw"!Giddee-Yup!Is your little one ready to jump up on that horse and head into the sunset? Were pretty excited for your kiddos new career. And while were not sure how intense the job market is for cowpoke these days but playing the harmonica under a starry sky next to a campfire sure sounds good right now! 
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