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Setting the SceneSo, we did a little pre-Halloween party location research for you. There were ups and downs. First off, we checked with the spookiest cemetery in town to see if they catered to themed parties. Not only did they tell us that they didnt allow kegs on their property, they also promptly told us to never call their number again. Rude, we know. Apparently, Halloween parties arent what they do. Then we checked with the supposed haunted house down the street that everyone says was haunted. At least we sent our intern, Todd to go check. Ever since he sent us a picture of the front door opening on its own we havent heard from him. We wouldnt worry, he was probably just scared off. We were going to look into hosting a party at a local abandoned orphanage when we came upon this gallon of liquid fog.Product DetailsOnce youve got this gallon of fog and a smoke machine you can have an eerie atmosphere at your events for fifteen to twenty hours. Its not toxic so you can revel in the spooky look without worrying about scary chemicals. Smart SolutionsLiquid fog allows your guests to feel like theyre in a super spooky setting without worrying about falling through the floor of a dusty Victorian home or getting stalked by orphan ghosts for the rest of your life. Which is great cause we just checked on Tod and were pretty sure hes rather undead and rather unhappy!
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