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Radiant RodentsMice are pretty cute if you think about it. Theres something intelligent in their beady little eyes. Something in their uplifted whiskers that hint that they might know something we dont know. That cuteness might be there but it doesnt apply when there is a horde of mice gathering around your feet. Thats not cute. Thats just horrible. Whether you find rodents of all sorts charming or youre horrified by any uninvited visitor that might skitter across your floor, youre sure to have fun with the "gross" factor of this sack of mice!Product DetailsThis bag features gray mice that are about three-inches-long. Theyre far from the charming field mouse with far rubber fur and pale tails making them perfect for Halloween displays as well as practical jokes. Theres nothing like setting out a macabre candlelight feast with mice scattered about as unnerving centerpieces!Maintaining that Eek! FactorHorrifying visitors isnt only about the supernatural, youve got to mix in some nature-oriented fear into your decor for the ghoul skeptics out there. Thats why your spider-webbed corners and mouse scattered tabletops are so important, its a spook factor that anyone can shriek at. So go ahead and embrace a grimy look, that time of year is coming up again!
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