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Life on the frontier. Wrangling cattle. Bonfires and whiskey jugs. Seemingly endless rides into the sunset. Theres a reason any cowgirl worth her spit would wear chaps while shes out riding the range. You see, when youre up there perched on your trusty steed, your legs are sure to get lit up by that tall brush, mesquite and even cacti if you wrangle down in the Arizona territory. As such, a pair of trusty leather chaps are must-have gear. So when a cowgirl like you needs to suit up and hit the trail for life at the ranch, shed be wise if she were inclined to choose this Cowgirl Chaps Costume for her next adventure.This look will have you ready to experience life as a cowpoke. And with all the accessories that a bonafide wrangler would wear, youre sure to look like an experienced cattlewoman, even if youre still learning the ropes! Put the cowhide pattern vest on over the western shirt, tie the bandana as desired, and wear them with your favorite pair of jeans. Then just slip on the faux leather fringed chaps and top off the look with the felt Western hat. With a genuine wild West look, youll feel ready to tackle the herd, the ranch, or even just put those wily cowhands whove been giving you a hard time in their place. Get this exclusive costume to make your frontier dreams come true. Yee-haw!
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