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TIME TO STIR THE POTOur best friend, Froggy, has been working for decades to craft the perfect alchemical blend that will bring the mysterious magic of the swamps to everyone else all over the world.  How has a frog been working for decades?  Well, obviously hes got the magic tricks to make it happen!Are your ready to turn your Halloween party into something truly magnificent?  Need to make that witchs cauldron look like its truly brewing something amazing?  Well, get ready for the magic!   PRODUCT DETAILSYouve heard the expression "a gallon of fun?"  No?  Well, youre going to be saying it a lot once you get this gallon of Froggys Fog Juice.  This product is the perfect thing to keep your fog machine running as long as you like and make your den look like some truly mighty magic has been at work.  Need your party to have that extra atmosphere?  Well, this is the way to do it! WHATS THE FROGGY COOKING!?Folks always have a natural curiosity when something is bubbling up fog and mystery.  Were instantly enthralled.  Weve gotta go peak.  Just imagine the fun when your friends go wading through the fog to look in your misty cauldron only to see... well, we cant even imagine the tricks youll come up with, though we cant wait to hear whats hiding in your Froggys Fog! 
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