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BUBBLE JUGGLEFroggys alchemical explorations began in the swamp when he noticed that curious bubbles would rise up from the waters on a rare occasion.  Enthralled, hed watch them float in the air until theyd pop and release a brief kaleidoscope of color.It was fascinating.  But, far too rare.  He needed more.  That is when he turned to alchemy.  From here, he created countless wonders and, now, the magical bubbles fill the swamp all day and night.  Of course, bubbles in the swamp hardly help us... PRODUCT DETAILSFortunately, Froggy is a generous soul and has made it possible for you to bring the magic home with this quart of Froggys Bubble Juice.  This quart bottle contains enough non-toxic, water-based solution to create thousands of prismatic bubbles to fill your days.  Use with a bubble wand for individual fun or fill one of Froggys Bubble Machines to create a truly magical environment.NOT YOUR NORMAL SOAP BUBBLESSure, you could do up some dishes, throw some liquid soap in a tub, and splash around to make a few bubbles.  But, thats hardly a fun or lasting environment.  With Froggys Bubble Juice, though, youll have some high-quality bubbles and the option to let a machine do all the work so you can just focus on the fun! 
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