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Shine On, No Matter WhatThe picturesque bunny, she knows how to make an entrance. And more importantly, she knows how to work a party once shes there. Which is a good thing! When you rise to the very top of the hostess ladder, its important to know how to put out fires with grace. Just think about it, when the most glamorous cream of the crop celebrities come to your parties, theyre used to getting away with the wildest behavior. So youll have to learn to casually tip an ice bucket on a literal fire caused by the latest boy band. Or stop a wobbly comedian from falling into the deep end of a pool full of Champagne. While your sequined bunny suit might flaunt your legs, the bunny responsibility requires you to hop to the nearest party foul at the drop of the magicians hat. Actually, lets not pretend theyd ever have magicians at your particular mansion. Product DetailsYoull feel dazzling in this boned strapless romper. The back features a white fluffy tail and decorative white ribbon corset lacing. The bendable bunny ears have a white satin textured lining and a black sequined back that matches the flashy romper. All that GlimmersThink you would know how to pose for the Paparazzi while you run to get a cold press? Are you ready to trade in your economy car for a limo that youd share with like-minded bunnies? Once you throw on this costume, everyday norms might just bore you. Even your water might have to sparkle after this look is introduced! From bachelorette parties, truly memorable outings in Vegas, or a glamorous Halloween look, youre sure to love your new romper. Want to amp up your look even more? Customize your look with a bow tie, fishnet tights, or our sophisticated tux kit. Come up with a look you like? Help out future bunnies and leave a review!
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