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One Clumsy Pup!Uh-oh, here comes Marshall! Any of you parents out there that have watched a ton of Paw Patrol know what that means! Hes either going to save the day with his ladder... or hes going to attempt a tailspin and tumble right into Ryders elevator! Yes, the Paw Patrols resident fire dog might be a little clumsy, but he is quite good at saving people in high places with his ladder. And if you ever need to put out a fire, then hes usually the pup to call!Well, now your doggie can become the pup to call when you dress them up in this Paw Patrol Marshall Pet Costume.Product DetailsThis cute costume is officially licensed from the animated series, Pat Patrol. It comes with a bright red shirt that fits over your dogs head. The red fire emblem hangs down from the neck, letting everyone know that your pooch is the fire dog of these parts! The hat is designed to look like a fire fighters helmet, but is actually made of a soft material to help keep your pup comfortable. The pup pack fits on your dogs back to finish off the look. 
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