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Its Jojo with the big bow! If theres anyone out there who knows how to kick off a celebration, its Jojo Siwa. She usually makes a grand entrance in sparkly pants, high-top sneakers, and her signature hair bow, and suddenly the whole room starts dancing. Kids cant help but Dab, Dougie, Whip, and Nae Nae whenever Jojo enters the scene, especially if one of her catchy new songs is blasting through the speakers. We dare you not to dance to upbeat songs like "Boomerang" and "Hold the Drama." Spoiler alert: its impossible! If you know a youngster who loved watching Jojo tear it up on Dance Moms, then gift her with this JoJo Siwa music video costume so she can feel like a tween star in her own right. Shell love feeling like shes being featured in the eye-popping music video  "Kid in a Candy Store" while shes decked out in a frilly glitter skirt, pink sleeveless vest, and a big yellow hair bow, of course! This costume may inspire your daughter to take a stand on bullying, start her own Youtube channel, or throw a big party with all her besties because when youre dressed up as Jojo its impossible not to feel like a social butterfly. Also, dont be surprised if she starts practicing her dance routines passionately. Its going to take a lot of hard work if shes going to appear on the next season of Dance Moms!       
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