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THE DEN OF THE PIRATE KINGWhenever a would-be adventurer comes upon a door, theyre bound to get curious and wonder what might be within.  Theyre also likely to think that they are about to plunder the place and walk away with well-earned riches.  Its just the nature of adventure, after all.But, there are some doors that give off just enough of that warning look that even the boldest of budding explorers might take a second thought.  They might consider what traps lay ahead and who rules over this den.  PRODUCT DETAILSMake sure that all, friend and foe alike, know that your place is protected by a force like nothing else with this Skull and Crossbones Decoration.  This ornament measures a massive 16" to make sure it is noticeable.  The black crossbones are a terrifying accent to the bleach white of the skull, which has a hook on which to hang! LANDLUBBERS AND SEAFARERS BEWAREThe sight of the skull and crossbones is meant to be a warning to all and is certainly recognized as such!  Show off just who commands your deck when this perfect decoration is hanging on your door or wall.  Even if youre a friendly captain, your friends will know to bring along the rum! 
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